Apple iphone 13 4G Launch in USA 2021

Apple iphone 13
Apple iphone 13 specification

  The Apple iphone 13 will be launched in all countries by March 25, 2021. The phone will have 4GB of RAM and a 3285 mAh battery.  Rear camera 13mp + 13mp camera and you will get front camera in iphone 13 phone only up to 13mp.  The screen display size of the phone is given a minimum of up to 6.2 inches.  And dual flash light with 64 GB of internal memory.  The image resolution size you get is only 4128 × 3096 pixels and next to it (Apple GPU four - core graphics) you get pixels density (450 pp)

  Screen resolution size (1170 × 2532 pixels)

Apple iphone 13
Apple iphone 13/2021

  And the Apple iphone 13 phone is absolutely waterproof but the phone will charge very fast.  The phone has dual SIM nano-sim and single SIM.  The phone has a processor (AppleA 14 Bionic) and the phone has the lowest Octacore Hexa core.  (3.1 GHz, Dual. Core, firestorm + 1.8 GHz Quad core Icestorm)

 And you will get the camera feature of the phone (Digital Zoom, Face Detection, Touch to. Focus).

 The Apple iphone 13 phone is currently priced approx.  ($ 1233.45)

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