5 (Annabelle come home)

 Friends, this is a spooky movie and the IMDB rating of this movie is 5.9 out of 10.  This is a Brazilian movie and this movie will be released in 2019.  The story of the movie starts from a haunted doll named Annabel Come Home.  In this movie you will see a scary doll and this doll is locked in a room.  After a while, the doll's behavior changes and everyone thinks that there is a ghost in our house.  McKenna Grace paranormal investigators Ed and Lauren Warren lock the doll in their house of patterns.  But when the doll awakens the evil spirits in the house, it soon becomes an unclean night of terror.  You can watch this movie in Hindi, English or other languages ​​if you want.

 4 (insidious the last key)

 Friends, this is an African movie and this movie was released in 2018 with MPAA rating: PG-13.  This is exactly how the movie's storyline begins.


 In 1953, Alice Rainier lived with her parents, Audrey and Gerald, and younger brother Christian in five neighborhoods in New Mexico.  Alice and Christian face a ghost in their bedroom.  Frightened, Christian finds a whistle for their mother to call him for help, but can't find it.  You have to watch this ghost movie to know what will happen next.

 3 (poltergeist)

 Friends, this is a very mysterious thriller movie. This movie was released in 2015 and the rating of this movie is PG 13. Friends, this is how the storyline of this ghost movie started.  The father of the Bowen Family Adolescent Daughter Center (Saxon Sharbino) was fired, forcing them to leave their home and rent a new one.  But no one knew that the house they rented was a haunted house.  After spending several days, they feel that there is a ghost in this house.  But the section got ghosts and no longer believed in things like spirits.  Then one horrible night everyone in the Bowen family is confronted by ghosts.  And there is a Haunted Doll's hand behind this incorporeal soul.  But then you have to watch the movie to know what happened.

 slender man

 2 (slender man) Friends This is an incredible spooky movie called Selene Dar Man.  Maybe there are many of you who are cylinder man, let me tell you again.  Selena Gomez is a monster that looks like a huge and terrifying creature.  If you want you can watch this weird spooky movie of huge size.  And this movie has come out in 2018. He has acted in the movie.  (Joey King) Xavier (Batet)

 (Julia Galdani Tales) If you want, you can watch this video from Amazon Prime Disney and many other websites in your own language.


 1 (Uoija) Friends this is a spooky movie and in this movie a Uoija board is used to summon things like ghosts and spirits.  But four or five friends use the old Uoija board in a terrifying spooky movie.  One of them died mysteriously.  And then the Uoija board started.  In this movie, every moment of fear and mysterious knocking on the door can be heard.  When you watch the movie, you will get hair cut. It is really a haunted and horrible movie.  You have to look at this awesome movie to know the details about the movie.

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