why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2.
Mahatma gadhi

Hello friends, how are you guys, today, I will tell you why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2.

Friends, you guys will keep teaching this post till the last, friends, let's start.

Friends, you all know that a festival is celebrated every year on October 2, which we know as Gandhi Jayanti. Friends, this festival is celebrated all over India with great pomp.

But friends, do you know why this festival i.e. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated only on 2 October.

Friends, no one knows Gandhiji, he is the father of our nation, he was born on 2 October.

That is why we consider his birthday as a whole country. On October 2, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated all over the country.

Who is Gandhi ji's parents

Friends, let us know who gandhiji was, and why he became so famous, and will also know about his life.

When Gandhiji was born

Friends, Gandhiji was born on 2 October 1869.

Where was the birth of Gandhiji

Friends, Gandhiji was born in Porbandar village of Gujarat.

Who is Gandhi ji's parents

Friends, Gandhi's father's name is Karamchandra Gandhi, and mother's name is Putlibai.

What is the full name of Gandhiji?

Friends, Gandhiji's father's name is Mohan Das Karamchandra Gandhi.

Who is Gandhiji?

Friends, Gandhiji is the nation's father of our country. He has done many things to liberate our country. Gandhi j always worked to liberate his country on the strength of truth and non-violence.

When Gandhiji was born

Friends, there are many people apart from Gandhiji in liberating our country of India, but Gandhiji was out of them all, he always believed in truth and non-violence.

Friends, there was something about Gandhiji, if you like this information, then you should share it with your friends, if you are Indian then you must be for your country, and for Gandhiji's general you must share it..

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