Hello friends, how are you guys, friends, I will tell you about 5 such movies that you will like very much. Friends, if you are fond of watching a comedy movie, then this movie is for you. You guys will definitely like to see this movie.

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They do not understand anything with this. And those people later comment that only what you have told is not good.

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No.1 Akshay Kumar new hindi full comedy movie even 

Friends, this is a very tremendous movie of Akhay Kumar. Friends, you can have a lot of fun after watching this movie. You will get to see this movie in Hindi language. You must watch this movie once.

No2. Fool N Final - Superhit Comedy Movie - Sunny Deol - Shahid Kapoor - Paresh Rawal - joni Lever

Friends, you will also like this movie very much because in this movie you will also see Johnny Liver with Sanideval. All of you must have guessed how much fun this film is. So, friends, watch this movie all over now, and comment and tell how the movie looked.

No3. Comedy Scenes - Bollywood Hindi Movie Comedy Scenes

 Friends, this movie is also very special for you, so don't miss it like that. Friends, this movie will also remind you of fifty-five memories. Friends, you can watch this movie with fun about people, you will get to see this movie in Hindi language. If you are fond of Kamdi Mavi, you can see it with such great fun.

No. 4 Bhagam Bhag 2006 (HD) - Full Movie - Superhit Comedy Movie - Akshay Kumar - Govinda - Paresh Rawal

Friends, you will also like this film very much. Friends, in this film, you will see both Akhay Kumar and Gobinda together. Friends, you will also like this film very much, friends, you guys must watch this film once.

No.5 Govinda and Johnny Liver's Comedy Movie Akhil Ki Shot (2002) | Raveena Tandon, Kader Khan, Asrani

Friends, in this film you will see Gobinda and Johnny Liver and Kader Khan, friends, this film is also a very amazing film. Friends, if you are looking for a comedy movie, then you must watch this movie once.

Friends, which film have you liked the most among these 5 films, please tell us by commenting

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