Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope that you guys will be good. Friends, today we are going to tell you 5 netflix horror movies. Which you will like very much.

Best Netflix Horror Movie: Must Watch in 2021

Best 5 Netflix Horror Movie: Must Watch in 2020

New NetFlix Dangers Movie 

Top 5 Best NetFlix movie Review 

NEW Netflix Movie 

Best Netflix Horror Movie: Must Watch in 2021

NO. 1   HUSH   (2016 )

  • This tells the sister of the film of a writer who goes to live alone in the forest. And wipe a mask there to kill him.  Wow writer can't hear in this movie.There are very scary scenes in this movie that will make your hair stand up. 

NO 2 LAST SIFT  (2014)

  • This is the story of a woman who is a policeman. In this movie, the policewoman was shifted to a closed station at night. This shift is very important for that.

NO 3  THE RITUAL    ( 2017 )

  • This is the story of some friends. Who go for a walk in a forest. After spending a few days in that forest. They feel that they are not alone in that forest. Someone is following them. And wow wants to kill them. This film released in the year 2017 is very entertaining.

NO 4 IT FOLLOWS ( 2014 )

  • This film is about a cursed one. Who has some unique powers. Wow wants to kill a person. So she takes the form of a human being. This movie is very scary. If you also never get scared then you can watch this movie

NO 5 VERONICA  ( 2017 )

  • The film is based on a girl named Veronica. In this film, a girl named Varonika plays a paranormal game called QuJa Board Salt with her college friends. She makes a mistake while playing this game. So that a Satanic soul enters his body. The film which was released in the year 2017 is a very good horror film.

Friends, which is the best film out of these 5 films, do tell us by commenting

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